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A recent webinar hosted by a financial crimes association covered the subject of Modern Slavery from an international supply chain perspective, specifically highlighting the Uyghers’ forced labor in China.

While modern slavery is worldwide and has its origins in ancient times, the origins of modern slavery in the United States are inextricably tied to the abolition of colonial slavery.

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— a word that describes the high expectations of mass adoption created by Blockchain hype that did not deliver.

Why? The answer points to lack of risk management and regulatory protocols, all within the scope of governance.

  • For years, many have written and spoken about the need for governance as a prerequisite for enterprises, small businesses, and everyday people to onboard themselves into the crypto world.
  • Compliance protocols have two sides to address.

1. Regulatory satisfaction (AML KYC and GDPR)

2. Personal data risk exposure and bad user experience

  • For example, a person might be excited about signing up for a new crypto or bank account at a company, but when having to undergo the AML KYC process…

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Note: This opinion-editorial will contain statements about culture, energy, and the weaponization of happiness.

Matchmaker, make me a match

This past week, introspection about the cultural identity of FISE Portal’s team had begun brewing and stewing. When pondering about ideal mentors for FISE, many variables, some of which are hard-to-define X factors, had to be determined.

It is said that interviewees are judged by the questions they ask. And goes the inverse. Interviewers’ answers are a guide to their state of mind. And so, what better way to present oneself or one’s team for immediate consideration, given that time has been feeling super short these…

FISE Portal will interact with four user groups:

  • Layer 1 Blockchains — Blue box
  • Banks & Financial Companies — Orange box
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges — Yellow box
  • Individuals, Families, & Non-banking/financial entities — Green box

AML/KYC services will be provided to all user groups:

  • All sensitive data and due diligence findings are stored in a KYC file with privacy/consent mechanisms assigned to each individual or entity
  • FISE Portal Wallet account for each user is initially validated with compliance token

FISE Portal’s Compliance as a Service (CaaS) based network will enable consent-based, incentivized AML/KYC checks for:

  • Banks/Financial Entities, Non-Bank/Financial Entities needing to onboard new customers or conduct ongoing AML/KYC on existing customers with their consent
  • Enabling compliant, trusted, and pseudonymous Peer to Peer (P2P) transactions
  • Faster onboarding of correspondent banking entities overseas
  • Cooperative ownership of…

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What is a trust token?

Trust is initialized with verification of authentication at the beginning of any interaction. The maintenance of trust is achieved with accumulated evidence of good or compliant behavior, also known as reputation.

The attribute of reputation can be assigned to a digital object, such as a token, that represents an individual or entity in the digital world. In video games, non-fungible tokens can represent a unique item.

These items have a history which can create provenance, or history of ownership. …


while a noun, carries vivid descriptions that inspire feelings of being overwhelmed, underprepared, and not having sufficient information to process what is happening. As everything in life is experienced through the lens of subjective relativity, a lack of knowledge can lead to a state of being overwhelmed and underprepared.

Understandably, this is why “knowledge is power” resonates.

Powerlessness happens when there is a lack of knowledge. Ironically, it is in this state of powerlessness and chaos that new solutions are presented.

By acknowledging problems that have surfaced and the root causes, immediate attention and solutions can finally gain validation…

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Abstract: Despite its suspect beginnings, Bitcoin and its Blockchain technology have ushered in a new era in digitization, incentives, and banking. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted on May 25, 2018 rendered the current state of Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance processes obsolete. Additionally, the current state of KYC compliance processes is overly expensive, cyber-risky, redundant, manual, profit-draining, and devoid of motivational incentives.

Furthermore, the fragmentation and cumbersome nature of current state month-quarter-year end credit reporting processes are in need of advanced banking technology, all of which point to blockchain’s confirmation, validation, reduced settlement times, and immutable…

FISE Portal

FISE stands for “Financial Intelligence Search Engine” Portal. FISE Portal is a platform for the future of compliance and more.

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