Trust Tokens & Identity, Repurposed

What is a trust token?

Trust is initialized with verification of authentication at the beginning of any interaction. The maintenance of trust is achieved with accumulated evidence of good or compliant behavior, also known as reputation.

The attribute of reputation can be assigned to a digital object, such as a token, that represents an individual or entity in the digital world. In video games, non-fungible tokens can represent a unique item.

These items have a history which can create provenance, or history of ownership. In terms of a digital token that represents an individual or entity, provenance of such a token would represent ownership of reputation and compliant actions.

FISE Portal’s future product/service will enable the ownership of a digital representation, a token, to enable authentication of one’s identity, reputation, and real-time compliance actions which serve to reinforce positive reputation metrics. FISE’s philosophy of positive reinforcement will be natively coded into the users’ operational flow when interacting on FISE’s network marketplace.

Identity is a fragile thing, both in the physical and digital realm. All individuals and entities strive for the best perception possible to maintain an appearance, reputation, and credibility.

It is this goal of maintaining, accumulating, and recording actions of trust and authenticity that FISE enables in a digital sense. Furthermore, incentives built into FISE Portal are another mechanism of positive reinforcement that motivate consistent, good behavior.

After interacting and using the FISE network-marketplace over a period of time, one’s digital identity and reputation, in the form of a non-fungible token and its attributes, evolve and develop towards the direction of maintaining or improving in reputation. Positive reinforcement as a driving, gamifying, motivating force serves to boost morale and confidence in the digital sphere.

Ownership of one’s digital identity, reputation metrics, and consent-mechanisms are thus made available via the trust token and its attributes.

In the context of global data privacy, ownership, and consent issues, the relevance of the U.S. Constitution written almost two hundred and fifty years ago reminds us of the characteristics that define basic human decency and rights.

The Bill of Rights has established standards of individual sovereignty for the U.S. and beyond. Unfortunately, the U.S. has fallen short of the ideals articulated in its founding documents.

FISE strives to bolster some of the ignored criteria. In particular, it will provide individuals the opportunity to experience the rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment, also supported by the GDPR.

A digital trust token would allow for a user to build their provenance and reputation, thereby strengthening their digital identity.

By applying Fourth Amendment and GDPR rights to a compliance based network-marketplace, our digital identities, supported by trust and reputation metrics, will better embody the unalienable rights which we hold dear.

FISE Portal General Information

Blockchain, Democracy, & Independence, August 2020

Order in a Time of Chaos, July 2020

Disclaimer: Any forward-looking statements serve to describe the projected or future state of FISE Portal’s development which may be subject to change.

Author: Emmy L.

Editors: Kevin H., Travis E., Lucia E.

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FISE Portal

FISE Portal


FISE stands for “Financial Intelligence Search Engine” Portal. FISE Portal is a platform for the future of compliance and more.